Meteora in Greece

Meteora Greece

1. Meteors are monasteries suspended / carved in rock built in the 14th century AD by monks. You can guess that they were built in difficult conditions and many people died there. In the beginning, there were 24 monasteries, now there are 6- 2 female and 4 male monasteries.

  • Great Meteor
  • Varlam’s Monastery
  • The Holy Trinity Monastery
  • Saint Barbara Monastery
  • Stefan Monastery
  • Monastery of Saint Nicholas, Resting

 2. Preparation

  For people who will visit Meteora for the first time, it is worth reminding about the rules prevailing there, namely. Women must wear a skirt or a scarf to cover their knees and must cover their shoulders. Men must wear long pants and must also have their shoulders covered. Inside the monasteries it is not allowed to take pictures, wear hats and you must be quiet.

 3. Road to Meteors

  The road leading to the hanging monasteries can be traveled by an ordinary passenger car and you will encounter various vantage points where you can take pictures of yourself, you may as well cross the path on foot, by bike or by bus which you have to enter in the city.

 4. Trivia

  In Rocks near monasteries you can meet caves and people climbing them. Before monasteries were built, hermits and monks lived in the caves. In the past, monks had to be pulled onto rocks with a net. The history of the saints and the martyrdom of Jesus are pictured and are called chapters. The tallest rocks are over 500 meters high

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