Easter in Greece

Easter is the most important holiday for the Greeks.

When does it start?

It starts on Clean Monday, which is usually a week after the Polish Easter holidays. He begins a 40-day fast during which Greeks do not eat products:

• meat

• seafood

• dairy products

• oil and do not drink wine

How does Holy Week take place?

Maundy Thursday – the day of baking Christmas pastries. Eggs are also painted red, a symbol of the blood of Jesus. On this day, women prepare the church for the Good Friday procession.

Good Friday – the death of Jesus Christ is mourned on the cross As a sign of suffering, flags are lowered from masts. On this day, shops and restaurants are open less than usual. In the evening, solemn processions take place all over Greece.

Great Saturday –  is the most important day of Easter. At night, the Greeks gather in the church for the resurrection mass, which stands out from other countries because the lights go out a few minutes before midnight. At midnight, the pastor gives the news of Christ’s resurrection. After this news, the Greeks make their wishes and ring the bells.

Holy Sunday – the morning begins with the baking of a lamb or a goat, which is the first meal after fasting for the Greeks. The preparations are accompanied by music and dancing. Greeks are very family-oriented, so a large number of people gather around the table. There is also a battle for eggs on this day.

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